Sweet Breakfast

Good morning world! Chiquita was wondering what to post this warm Monday morning in Belgium, and we have decided to go for a sweet breakfast. Summer is here, we are feeling better immediately when sun is up. Every morning the chirping of birds is waking us up, and it is lovely. Today, we will not write … More Sweet Breakfast

Matcha Green Smoothie

Hello loves! This lovely Sunday morning, Chiquita has made a delicious green smoothie. Easy and quick, you need only a few ingredients 🙂 2 bananas 3-4 celery sticks with leaves 2 tsp matcha green tea 1-2 tbsp desiccated coconut and oat flakes 50 ml almond milk or yogurt (or without) Place all ingredients into blender … More Matcha Green Smoothie

Easy Dinner

After having a hard day at work, already hungry and exhausted… What to eat? It’s really frequent question when you arrive to your home, and then the classics – entering into the kitchen, opening the fridge and immediately headache 🙂 Many, many times, happened to me, but the good solution always for a healthy meal … More Easy Dinner

Purple mornings

MORNING! My favorite part of the day! Amazing, my moment – making some fresh smoothie and drinking Italian espresso…and then preparing breakfast for my husband 🙂 which is other lovely moment during weekend mornings. This early Saturday morning, I decided surprise you with one fresh post and make your morning more purple, healthier and full of energy… … More Purple mornings