About Clark&Chiquita

Hello everyone! Welcome to Cook with Clark and Chiquita!

We are Maja (ChiquitaDSC_4615_1204x800) and Milos (Clark), young couple, based in Belgium, who just started blogging. We will try to make your life easier and funnier in the kitchen.

Making a nice food is our hobby. Our idea is to inspire you to cook simple and healthy. We created our life much more interesting when we started combine every day fitness and balanced diet. All what we learned, we would like to share with you, to be your inspiration, to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

We love travelling and discovering new tastes all around the world. We believe cooking should be funny and every time when you enter in the kitchen should be with smile because you will try to prepare some easy and delicious meal.

This blog should be place for everyone. We will make it for every taste – meat or plant based, cooked or raw, whole foods, gluten free… We hope you can enjoy it and find your corner on our page.


Chiquita and Clark