Melon Smoothie

Good morning lovely people!

We are very sorry for a long silence from our side here on a blog page. Probably many of you have seen in our Instagram page, that we had a very interesting summer, full of adventures. Almost a month we were travelling in South Asia and Indonesia. It was really an incredible holiday, but about it we’ll talk in some of the future posts.

We would like to start this week with one simple smoothie recipe. Autumn is already arrived in Belgium, there is no too much sunny days, but you know us, we are making always a sun in our plates. So, today a delicious combo of banana and melon, with a touch of citric grapefruit.


4 bananas

1/2 melon

1 grapefruit

1 cup of grapes

Blend all bananas and melon, pour into bowls and top with slices of grapefruit and few grapes.



Enjoy your day!

by Clark & Chiquita

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