Sweet Breakfast

Good morning world!

Chiquita was wondering what to post this warm Monday morning in Belgium, and we have decided to go for a sweet breakfast. Summer is here, we are feeling better immediately when sun is up. Every morning the chirping of birds is waking us up, and it is lovely.

Today, we will not write any recipes, but here is an idea for a quick, sweet breakfast.

You need only a few ingredients 🙂 7-grains bread, some different spreads such as chocolate, peanut butter, marmalade, any fruits and milled nuts to make your brunch perfect. And of course, some coffee, choco-milk, cacao or tea are always welcome.


Chiquita has made a homemade chocolate spread. You need only raw cacao powder, honey, a bit of coconut oil (or butter) and almond milk. You can mix all ingredients by feeling and make an amazing healthy raw chocolate spread. You can put the bread in the toaster, make it crunchy, and spread will melt easily and it will look so tempting to eat.


Enjoy your breakfast!

by Clark & Chiquita

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