Tropical Cactus Smoothie

Happy Sunday dear people!

We hope, you enjoy the weekend with your family, children, friends, it’s lovely weather these days. Well, our Saturday was very intensive yesterday, we were cycling all day, some groceries we have done, then Ikea we have visited to get some new ideas for out lovely home :). And today, we have new tropical taste for you!


  • banana
  • cactus fruit (orange one)
  • mango

You need only these 3 types of fruits. Blend it together and pour into bowl. We have topped it with roasted and salted almonds and cashews, dried figs and choco coconut bars. It is really yummy snack.

IMG_20160915_075402 (2)



Enjoy it!

Here are some nice photos from yesterday cycling!

2017-05-20_20.02.01 (2) 2017-05-21_16.29.32 (2)

By Clark & Chiquita 


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