Chinese Sweet Potato Noodles

Hello world!

Today, Clark and Chiquita have something new for you. We did not write about Chiquita’s experience in China last summer, but we believe most of you have seen lovely posts of some moments from China on our Instagram profile. Anyway, we are thinking to start the section about travelling and write about all different tastes which you can find in other countries all around the world. But that will come may be in the future, however, this time, we would like to share an easy and delicious recipe for Chinese noodles with seafood.

Chiquita has brought so many things from Sichuan province, which is very famous in China to its very spicy Sichuan pepper. So, for the spicy pepper lovers finally something interesting here.

Let’s start cooking!  🙂

250g seafood (frozen)
130g noodles of sweet potato
1 leek
1 red peper
1 tomato

Salt, pepper, Sichuan spicy pepper, soy sauce – sweet one and spicy one.

IMG_20161202_131440 IMG_20161202_134221 IMG_20161202_135203

Cut the leek and pepper into pieces. Preheat a pan and add the leek and seafood, as they are frozen they will melt so the additional water is not needed. Add spices and cook for a few minutes until seafood soften nice. Further, add soy sauces and red pepper, and cook another few minutes. In a meanwhile, boil the water and add the noodles, leave then for about 5 minutes (follow the instructions on the product which you buy). Then remove them, add into pan and mix all together, that they nicely take the flavor from seafood and soy sauce. You can add more or less soy sauce, always according to your taste.


IMG_20161202_140315 IMG_20161202_140232





















Enjoy your meal!

By Clark & Chiquita

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