Choco Smoothie

Dear our readers,

Long time without posts, and still summer here in Belgium. Running, cycling, and all outside activities have to be done with so much energy beside work. So always is good to fill yourself with energy, this smoothie bowl for sure will help you to get the higher levels of energy and do your activities without problems in any part of the day. Today, without too much story, here I will leave you a simply recipe.

Ingredients for two persons

2 bananas

1/2 cup of cleaned fresh pineapple

1 cup of frozen red fruits

2 tsp of raw cacao

50ml coconut milk

goji berries, almonds, hazelnuts, dry figs

Into blender place bananas, pineapple, frozen fruits, cacao and coconut milk. Blend it till smooth. Pour into bowls and top with nuts, goji and dry figs.

IMG_20151209_085027 (2)


Enjoy your snack.

Posted by Chiquita

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