Chocolate Cups

Hello loves, we have something new and sweet to share with you. Thanks to amazing Kristel, behind the blog Your Super Foods, I found an interesting and easy recipe for raw, vegan cookies. You’ll be delighted.

IMG_20151221_233908 (3)

This is mine version of preparation these delicious chocolate peanut butter cups.


Chocolate layer:

2×30 g of raw cacao

2×25 g coconut oil

2×1 tbsp honey (or any other sweeter)

*you can add more honey for more sweetness if you like


100 g peanut butter

1 handfull of any nuts

1 tbsp honey

1/4 tbsp salt

Melt a half of coconut oil and add the half of raw cacao and honey. Half of melted chocolate place into the bottom of muffin cups and leave them into freezer for about 10 minutes. In a meanwhile, mix all filling ingredients and then fill on the top of the frozen chocolate layer. Place in the freezer for a 30 minutes. Stir the second half of ingredients for a chocolate layer and cut into small peaces almonds or hazelnuts. Top the filling and sprinkle with nuts, then again place the cups into freezer another 10 minutes.

You can take out the cups and serve them.

Enjoy this simple and delicious chocolate cookies!


Posted by Chiquita

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