Easy Dinner


After having a hard day at work, already hungry and exhausted… What to eat? It’s really frequent question when you arrive to your home, and then the classics – entering into the kitchen, opening the fridge and immediately headache 🙂
Many, many times, happened to me, but the good solution always for a healthy meal is MAKE A SALAD!
Here is a 15 min recipe for your dinner for two persons.




1 iceberg salad

2 tomatoes

1 carrot

50g of mozzarella cheese

50g of goat or sheep cheese

salt, white balsamico, honey for dressing

nuts, parmesan cheese for decoration

Wash the salad, tomatoes and carrot and cut them into small pieces. Make a dressing to your taste ( I used proportions 2:1 for honey and balsamico), but it depends if you like more sweet or more acid and salty. Just try to adjust to your taste.

Cheese cut into small cubes. Mix all ingredients in one big plastic bowl, and then divide for two persons in two plates. Add cheese cubes and nuts, and parmesan for decoration.


Enjoy your meal and evening!

Posted by Chiquita

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